Meroo National Park

Meroo National Park

Meroo National Park


2 thoughts on “Meroo National Park

  1. love the shot! what adapter do u use for the rokkor lenses and which ones do you really recommend for the NEX-7 ?! I’m looking for a mid-range zoom, hopefully with a constant aperture!!

    • Thanks! I use the Kipon MD-Nex adapter – really well built. In terms of rokkor lenses, they are all good but I would recommend the MD/MC 50 1.4, the 58mm 1.2 if your budget stretches that..I also have and rate the 24mm 2.8 and the 35mm 2.8. Either MC/MD Rokkor versions would be good.. The Meroo photo was taken with the MD 28 f2 which is seriously expensive and a bit big on the Nex but it is a lot of fun as the 42mm equiv focal length works nicely as a take anywhere lens. If you can get hold of the Rokkor 35-70 zoom with constant aperture, that is a classic. See Rokkorfiles site for all the information.. Good luck!

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